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Commercial Litigation

We represent individuals, corporations, LLCs and other types of businesses in State and Federal courts, as well as in Arbitration and Mediation proceedings,  in corporate and commercial matters, labor and employment, commercial disputes, and various business and personal cases.  

Our cases have included:

  • Conflicts among corporate shareholders or LLC Members

  • Equity ownership matters: stockholders disputes  

  • Disputes involving services of professionals

  • Labor / employment cases:

    • Overtime (wage-hour)

    • Independent contractor status vs. Employee status

    • Unemployment insurance 

    • Harassment in the workplace, including representation involving the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) 

  • Trademark, copyright, and theft of Trade Secrets 

  • Collections and non-payment of all types

  • Fraud involving financial institutions

  • Investors issues

  • Joint venture issues

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