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Tech, Media, Entertainment

For more than 25 years in various professional capacities, our attorneys have been representing Entertainment, Internet, and Media clients in matters such as:


  • Internet and online presence: 

    • Terms and Conditions

    • Privacy Policies

    • Domain name issues (trademark, cybersquatting, etc.)

    • ‘Clickwrap’ agreements


  • Media usage and music for TV commercials


  • All Entertainment Industry matters, such as;

    • Negotiations and drafting of: 

      • recording contracts

      • production agreements

      • script option agreements

      • musician releases

      • sideman paperwork

      • sync and licensing

      • advice regarding professional unions 

    • ​​Mechanical and performance royalties

    • Live performance issues

    • Royalties and Accountings

    • Audits and inspections


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